CARDANO is a great and powerful technology that was designed to disrupt the world but most especially,  was built with Africa in Mind. The Vision IOG, THE CARDANO FOUNDATION & EMURGO has for Africa does not stop at the doors of Ethiopia but as a gateway into Africa to put power in the hands of the people.  This vision compelled us to not only participate in this ecosystem for decentralization but also for social good.


SMILES ON AFRICA is an African Stakepool that was fashioned as a tool specifically to help local people in African rural areas by :

  • Providing Health Insurance to children between the ages of 3 months – 18yrs. (Ghana -Nigeria)
  • On our quest to support these children in the rural areas, the name “Cardano” will never depart from our mouth.


Jacob Tettey is a Ghanaian graphic designer. He is also a Cardano enthusiast who began exploring the power of blockchain technology in 2016.  Jacob is currently self-employed and lives in Accra, Ghana.